Discover NYC Museums & Theaters near Our Hotel

From botanic gardens and art museums to historic churches and theaters, NYC has it all. Check out a few of our favorite spots below or ask our staff to point you in the right direction.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (0.8 miles)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden features a 52 acre garden and holds over 14,000 taxa of plants. Discover a "Garden within the Garden" and venture the numerous specialty collections and conservatories. It includes the Steinhardt Conservatory that houses the C. V. Starr Bonsai Museum, three climate-themed plant pavilions, a white cast-iron-and-glass aquatic plant house, and an art gallery.

Brooklyn Museum (1.2 miles)

New York City’s third largest museum, the Brooklyn Museum features an art collection of approximately 1.5 million works. Significant parts of their collection include African, Oceanic and Japanese art and antiquities, specifically their collection of Egyptian pieces spanning over 3,000 years. American art is also heavily represented, starting with Colonial period art.

New York Transit Museum (2.4 miles)

When you think of New York, taxi cabs and subways always come to mind. Learn about the history of mass transportation at the New York Transit Museum, which displays historical artifacts of the NYC subway, bus, commuter rail and bridge and tunnel systems. During your visit, you can board vintage cars, sit at the wheel of a city bus, step through a “time tunnel” of turnstiles and discover the extraordinary engineering feats that made it all possible.

Kings Theatre (2.8 miles)

Kings Theatre is the cornerstone of the Flatbush community and a major fixture to Brooklyn’s vibrant cultural landscape. Inspired by the French Renaissance Revival style of the Palace of Versailles and the Paris Opera House, this classic 20th-Century movie palace features high-curved ceilings, ornate plaster walls, pink marble and a glazed terra cotta ornamental façade. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2012.

Kings Theatre hosts all sorts of events and performances. Check out their event calendar to see what shows are on during your stay.

Additional Museums, Theaters & Cultural Attractions

  • Brooklyn Children's Museum, 0.6 mile
  • Brooklyn Public Library, 1.6 miles
  • BAM Harvey Theater, 1.7 miles
  • Music Hall of Williamsburg, 3.3 miles
  • New York Aquarium, 9.2 miles
  • New York Hall of Science, 11.7 miles